Five tips to save money on your work budget.


Five tips to save money on your work budget.

Owning a home requires some maintenance. If the goal...


Owning a home requires some maintenance. If the goal is to rent it out, you must legally provide decent accommodation to your tenants. If you want to live there, you will undoubtedly want to bring it up to date, break down a partition to take advantage of an open kitchen, or improve the energy performance of the property for more comfort and saving energy. While a renovation can be very expensive, a few tips can limit your work budget.

Carry out the work yourself

Are you not a DIY enthusiast? However, doing as much work yourself as possible is the best way to save money. You will quickly realize this if you invite companies to your site to offer you quotes. First, there are the construction crooks to beware of. Then, the contractors who intervene, to recover their costs, naturally account for their staff costs, VAT, time and travel costs.

If you call on one or more companies for your work, the bill will quickly rise. It is therefore advisable to train yourself on the positions that you could take care of yourself. The plumbing part, even the electricity, are often left to professionals. On the other hand, it will be quite possible for you, with the help of tutorials on the Internet or close handymen, to break a wall, to assemble partitions, to lay tiles, to assemble a kitchen.

Take your time

Second tip: don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Time is not always money. One of the mistakes often made by first-time buyers is wanting to do everything right away. Obviously, some jobs do not wait. On the other hand, to redo your shutters, to build a terrace or to install an electric gate for example, you can wait until next spring. Without respite, you risk exhaustion, but also of making bad choices or lack of application and having to redo certain jobs, which can cost you dearly. Also, it is advisable to take your time and proceed methodically in order to make the most relevant and, ultimately, the least expensive decisions.

Prepare your site

When you carry out a real estate transaction, you must calculate the real estate purchase budget including costs. For renovations, it’s the same. You will have to quantify the price of materials, but for your work budget to be perfectly controlled, you must not neglect the cost of tools. For a large construction site, for example, you will need a concrete mixer, a chisel, a sander, a circular saw, a construction vacuum cleaner, even a brush cutter and a chainsaw if you have a garden. And some of these tools will be useful to you only during the construction time. Also, to optimize your work budget, it is recommended to avoid buying new this type of equipment. The ideal is to borrow it from a loved one, but this is not always possible. You can therefore rent it for a day, a weekend or a month, depending on the duration of the site.

Buy your used tools

Third solution, buy your second-hand tools and resell those you will no longer need after the work. Additional tip: maintaining your tools well during the work will give you a better chance of being able to resell or reuse them.

As for the price of materials, you will have to organize your site as early as possible. For a major renovation, it may be advisable to obtain supplies from a store further away from the accommodation, but which has the most attractive prices. It may also be advantageous to place one and the same order, which may allow you to take advantage of an overall discount. And when you need bags of concrete and plaster, plasterboard, concrete blocks, tiles and kitchen furniture, a delivery is essential. Organizing your work site is the guarantee of achieving economies of scale, but also of saving time on site and avoiding expensive trips to the nearest DIY store.

Take advantage of aid for energy renovation

Do you want to rent the accommodation you are renovating? Note that energy strainers can no longer be rented from 2023. Take advantage of the tips to finance your energy renovation. MyPrimeRenov can in fact be granted to owners (landlords or occupants) if they have work carried out to improve the energy performance of their property. Other bonuses can also be released, such as Energy Saving Certificates (EEC) and various State Boosts. And to finance your work, you could also claim the eco-PTZ, a zero rate loan capped at 30,000 euros, for certain insulation work or improvement of the level of overall energy performance.